Henry Gogaty girl’s Secondary School was founded and is run by the sisters of our lady of Kilimanjaro. A faith based organization found in east Africa. Driven with need to change the life of young girls to be useful members of the society, the sister started the school in Usa River, recruiting the first batch of students in the 2009.
The school is built on the outskirts of Arusha Town, Where quality Education is given and young girls acquire practical skills. Our school was officially opened on 6th January 2011. Up to—date it has proved to be outstanding Educational Centre Being one of the new schools around the area, it has an approximate number of 450 students. The school has fascinating buildings surrounded by excellent environmental setting.

The school vision is to educate the girls so that they have what we call holistic enlightenment with a focus on three aspects, mentally, physically .Spiritually and emotional growth. This vision is achieved through the use of proved teaching methodologies, use of the student centered methodology and provision of spiritual formation seminars to assist in building faith and bringing up students who fear God.

The long term mission of the school is to shed light that will transform self/individual and the world in general. At Henry Gogaty we are the agenda of change and any change we wish to see in the world emanates from us. Through this divine mission/calling, we believe that the world will eventually become a better place for everyone to live. We identify ourselves as a community of students’ committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and cultivation of wisdom for the welfare of the society. At sisters of our lady we are guided by the philosophy which is sensitive and responsive to societal need and the right of every person to Access of Knowledge.

We welcome everybody to be a part of this great mission of our school. God bless you.

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school is like a nursery garden where varieties of seedlings are nurtured with great care. The usually well watered and weeded.

Message From The Head Of School Sr. Sr. HERMANIA KAVISHE (CDNK)


After a certain period, the seedlings are transplanted to different places according to needs. If they are vegetable seedlings they would be transplanted into a garden to be used for food. If they are tree seedlings they would be transplanted into different places where trees would be needed. For tree seedlings, would grow into big trees and sometimes even into big forests. Big trees and forests are usually of great use to human being. They produce timber for furniture, timber for building constructions and fuel (charcoal).
However, the use of trees for fuel needs to be discouraged because it leads to a great destruction of the environment. The other use of big trees and forests is timber for paper making which is a very useful product. Henry Gogarty Secondary School is one of the nursery gardens of education. The seedlings in thi garden are our beloved students. The nursery garden attendants are the teaching staff and all other working staff in different departments at the school. We take care of the seedlings; some of us carry water cans to water the seedlings; some add manure while others do the weeding. When the seedlings have grown up to a stage where they cannot continue to be in the nursery garden, we transplant them in appropriate areas where they can grow into big trees and forests.
The working team of Henry Gogarty School is grateful to God for the six years of successful existence of this garden where we have been blessed with another group of 97 youths who have been nurtured here and are now ready to be sent for advanced Secondary education and later higher education where they will be transformed into fully grown up big trees and forests for the future use nationally and internationally. We are proud of them because it is in this nursery garden that they have been formed and made aware of who they are; their talents and gifts from God. They have also learned how to offer those talents to be used for the service of the community.

It is my believe that, this Website will serve as source of Information, entertainment and also a forum for Interaction. Parents and other clients can be able to view school general perfomance, monthly examination results, end term results and download students results at the end of each term. Also we have added convenient access of Form One Application Form. These documents can be easily downloaded from this website in the section of School News and Events.Finally there is a section of aluminae where all students who passed through this school can be able to join the school community of aluminae.
God bless you.

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