Who We Are

The school is built on the outskirts of Arusha Town. Where quality Education is given and young girls acquire practical skills. Our school was officially opened on 6th January 2011. Up to—date it has proved to be outstanding Educational Centre Being one of the new schools around the area, it has an approximate number of 450 students. The school has fascinating buildings surrounded by excellent environmental setting.
Further than that there are visions of establishing pleasant and attractive academic environment for studies. Turning to the other side of the coin, high academic standards is a top priority of our school. General performance is summarized in the following statistic.

There is a total of 23 teaching staff and 20 non- teaching staff who have greatly contributed to the above Academic success. This great performance is accompanied by highly motivated parents who enable the sc-hool administration to facilitate Educational activities such as visiting different laces like National Parks, Amboni Coves, Tanga Port, Hale power generation station .t.c. This has encouraged students to study and toil for the betterment of their future. Gradually, the school has an apple pie ordered environment that simplifies responsibilities for the students. Every student is assigned daily duties that must be done to ensure cleanliness of our school. Thanks to the supervision of our school government, the environment is maintained and kept tidy all the time. The school has various events carried out annually.
Events such as; Parents day, Talents day, Welcome form one, Canadian day, Harvesting day, Inter — class football league competition and so forth, all these considered together, help us to unite as a community. A part from that in our school are source of entertainment.

  • We provide education to change life
  • We transform life of young girls to be agent of change
  • We narture leaders for tommorow
  • We instill confidence in young girls

Our Team

About Sr. Shayo

Sr. Shayo, school construction manager

About Sir. Hermania Kavishe (CDNK)

Sir. Hermania Kavishe (CDNK) works together with the school school construction manager manager to ensure that all things go well as planned. A visionary leadership has ensured the school continues to shine academically.

About Sr. Irmina

Sr. Irmina deputizes the head of the school on matters concerning school adminstration. Apart from admnistrative work, Sr. also teaches.

About Mr. Martin Mwakalimo

He is very hardworking and the brain behind the academic performance for the school. Mr. Mwakalimo holds Bacholor Of Science in Education. A part from academic work in office, Mr. Mwakalimo teaches Mathematics and Physics subjects.