An Hollistic Development Of Our Children Is At The Core Of Our Mission.

Be Part Of That Transformation

An Excellent Learning Environment;

Henry Gogaty Girls Secondary School is a home away from Home. The sisters and teachers are our parents when we are here. Life at school has its own challenges; there are always ups and downs. But we happened to navigate through this because of the tender care we receive from our mentors. There are Counselling Services offered at our school on weekend to students who are facing various psychological problems. We struggle to put a smile on the face of every child whatever what her background dictates. As part of improving child’s emotional and social intelligence, we do it Professional.

  • We Share dreams With Best Brains
  • We Incubate Ambitions And Hatch Them Into Reality
  • A family In Pursuit Of Education
  • Be Part Of This Sojourner Dont Be Left Behind!

Spiritual Formation in Action

At Henry Gogaty we care about spiritual growth. Our school emphasizes this by ensuring that the girls get spiritual seminars from time to time. Our students are advised to go for recital of the rosary before going for the preparations. They also get mass every Sunday from seven a.m. in the morning. On Saturday students gets time to go for confession while Fridays from 4.00 to 5.00 the chaplain gives spiritual talks. Through this activities we ensure that our girls gets the best spiritual formation and this will form a solid foundation for their faith later in life.

  • Prayer, Work And Success
  • We Pursue Advancement With Human Face
  • We Nature Mind ,Body And Spirit
  • Because We Have A divine Mission

Competent and Qualified teachers

Our teachers are not only qualified, but highly motivated and competent. The teachers uses proven methodologies that ensures that learning is meaning and reflects the demands of modern world. Bearing in mind that the world is not dynamic and the rate technological change is so rapid; our teachers are constantly learning to make sure that they are not left behind. Collaborative teaching is the norm of the day; teachers work as a team to ensure the students get the maximum from each teacher. The staff is also a role model for the girls and acts as parents when the girls are at school.

  • We Dont Teach, We Inspire
  • We Are Change Agent In Sea Of Conformity
  • We Ignite Creativity And Critical Thinking
  • We Drive A Passionate Dream!

Exellent school infrastructure

We don’t believe superb buildings make education; but we do believe provision of the right environment for learning is an essential need for students. We have spacious, state of the art dormitories, classes, washrooms, dining hall and a chapel. All this gives our students the comfort they need to concentrate on their studies.

  • We Offer World Class Eduaction On World Class Buildings
  • We Mean What We Say, Quality Comes First
  • Enjoy The Beautiful Scenary
  • We Value Aesthetic Value

Physical fitness consciousness

Physical fitness is part of our agenda for provision of education.Sport.

  • We Take Care Of Your Physical Welbeing activities are a part of our life.We play grounds where students go to play and relax after tedious classwork. this sporting activities a part from ensuring that the girls becomes physically fit, they ensure they are alert and active during teaching in classroom.
  • An Active Body Is An Active Mind
  • A Change In Mind Is A Change In Body
  • Sports is Part of Our Life

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