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    Food for our Brains
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    Horticulture Pojects
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    Poultry Farming Project

Farming Projects

March, 2017 Henry Gogarty Memorial Girls Sec. School Project

We shall be doing a diservice to the nation if we do not emphasize agriculture in our country.It is good to remember that A griculture is the backbone of our country's economy, employing about 80% of our population.
With this in mind, we have put our land into not only agricultural use, but sustainable farming.Thirty hectares of land are used in maize farming whic give us sufficient food to feed the school population and also provide fodder for the animals we keep.Vegetable farming has not been left behind.We have gardens which we plant various types of vegetables which are consumed by the community of Henry Gogarty Memorial Girls Sec..Other farming projects includes, fruits of various types, banana plantation and trees which beautify our nature.

Construction Projects

March, 2017 Henry Gogarty Memorial Girls Sec. School Project

As we mentioned earlier, our school has over 90 years since it was established back in 1925.We do have several constructed building, but due to old age, most need repair.We are carrying out repairing of our school without loosing the original architectural design..
Beside is one of the oldest buildings under renovation.The school also has a workshop where most of furniture and other fittings needed in our school are made.The school workshop ensures that all repaires and other items in demand within our institution are available at very low cost.

Animal Keeping Project

March, 2017 Henry Gogarty Memorial Girls Sec. School Project

To be self sufficient, we have heavily invested in animal keeping.The products of animal keeping such as cowdung, pigs waste and chicken droppings are used as raw material in the biogas plant.The remains from biogas are used as manure in our maize and banana plantation.In short, here we recycle everything.We keep both local and exotic birds in our farm. The birds constitutes an important component in students diet.
Walk around our school you will also meet well maintained fish pond.this pond is a home for over 800 fish of different species. A part from acting as a teaching resource, the fish also serves as a source of protein to our growing students.
Pigs are also there in abundance, with well construted sheds, the pigs are able to grow well and give birth to many piglets.We normally sell some of the piglets to our neighbours, the rest are allowed to mature and be sold at high prices or consumed by Henry Gogarty Memorial Girls Sec. community.

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