About Bishop Henry Gogarty

Bishop Henry Gogarty

1885 To 1931

The Founder Of Our Lady Sisters Of Kilimanjaro

Dr. Henry Aloysius Gogarty was born in Co Coran in 1885. He received secondary education as secular student at Rockwell College, graduated in the Royal University, went through his novitiate at Chevilly near Paris and was ordained at Paris in 1914.
His first appointment was to vicariate of Zanzibar B.E.A under Rt. Rev. Dr. Neville here he was active service as Chaplain to the British forces during the Great war. He was transfared to Kilimanjaro in 1922 as Administrator. He was amoung the Bishops of the Irish Provence of the Holy Ghost Fathers who directed the work of the apostolate In Africa.
In 1925 he saw a native seminary Installed at Kilime-Moshi and wrote about it, "THE SITE". He said it was beautful and historic one, Lying on slope of Kilimanjaro
Rt. Rev. Dr. Gogarty died in december 1931 having done a great work of Faith In East Africa

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